New York City Civil Court Judge – Brief Description:

  • Cases often involve real estate and real property actions, including landlord-tenant actions for commercial tenants. It also has jurisdiction in cases including credit card debt, monies owed to local small and large businesses for goods or services, and claims involving personal property damage. 

  • Cases brought by self-represented litigants and Small Claims actions are also handled in this Court, including repayments of loans, returning of security deposits, personal injury matters, and disputes regarding the fulfillment of service contracts.

  • The Civil Court only deals with matters where the amount in question is not more than $25,000.00.

  • According to the information posted by the Office of Court Administration, the New York City Civil Court is the largest civil jurisdiction court, by volume, in the United States.  Its combined filings presently represent about 25% of all of the New York State Court system's total filings (including criminal, family, traffic and civil).  Impressively, this workload is handled by only 6% of the court system's work force. 

  • Civil Court Judges are elected for a ten year term.​


Judges are different from other elected officials, as a judge's role is to uphold the law and not to legislate.

Staten Island voters should examine their 2020 election choices and look for an individual who fits the role of being a NYC Civil Court Judge.

  • The individual should have demonstrated experience, exposure to legal issues and respect for the justice system; and

  • Should be a person of integrity with a high moral character, is honest, has dedication and diligence; and

  • Has the judicial temperament of being unbiased, courteous, open-minded, understanding, fair and have a commitment to the rule of law; and

  • Professional competence intellect, knowledge of the law, writing and analytical ability, judgment and courtroom and trial experience. 

In Summary:

  • Allyn Crawford has personally litigated and tried almost every possible matter that might be heard by the Civil Court over the last twenty-five years. He is the founding partner of what is now known as Crawford Bringslid Vander Neut, LLP.

  • As a Small Claims Arbitrator Allyn Crawford has decided over 60 cases in the same Court, he is asking you to elect him to.

  • Allyn Crawford understands what brings litigants into the courtroom, and is dedicated to providing the full extent of his legal prowess, integrity and work ethic to his clients and his community.

  • Allyn Crawford has earned the respect of his peers, his clients, opposing counsel, the Court Officers, as well as presiding Judges and retired Judges.  If allowable by law, they have voiced their support publicly.   

  • This is not a political job and Allyn Crawford is not a politician.  It is not a job where a judge is being asked to make policy decisions or rule on socially sensitive issues. 

  • A Civil Court Judge’s job is to get their hands dirty and deal with real people's problems and issues in their personal and business lives.

Allyn Crawford has been either Approved or Recommended by four Bar Associations and he has the requisite experience and integrity to serve the people of Staten Island as a Civil Court Judge. 

“A vote for Crawford is sensible regardless of your party affiliation. Civil Court Judge elections truly hinge on a candidate’s abilities, knowledge and professionalism. There is no doubt that Allyn is prepared to take careful time and attention required to help bring civil matters to a fair conclusion. Allyn also recognizes that politics have no place on the bench, it’s why voters across party lines can feel secure in supporting him. These are unique and exceptional characteristics of Allyn’s campaign, please let others know.”

Tom Lynch

  The Judge's Job and The Voter's Job 

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