Four Bar Associations rated

Allyn Crawford

Qualified to be a Judge of the Civil Court 

New York City Bar Association

Allyn Crawford has been "Approved" by the New York City Bar Association to be a Judge of the Civil Court. 


"I am proud to announce I have been found qualified to sit as a Judge of the Civil Court by all four Bar Associations that I have had the honor to appear before during the course of this campaign,” said Crawford. “This rigorous process, through which my experience, writings, and credentials are reviewed by esteemed panels of my fellow attorneys across the City, is designed to assure voters that the person who takes the bench is fit to serve. I want to thank the committee members for their time and careful consideration.

These stamps of approval have again confirmed I am the only candidate who is qualified for the job, and I look forward to the opportunity to serve Staten Islanders as their next Civil Court Judge."

New York City Bar Approval
Staten Island Women's Bar Association 

Allyn Crawford has been "Recommended" by the Staten Island Women's Bar to be a Judge of the Civil Court.

"With Election Day 2020 approaching, I am honored to announce that I have received a particularly meaningful rating. The Judiciary Committee of the Staten Island Women’s Bar Association has announced that they have "Recommended" me for Civil Court Judge. Such a recommendation underscores my qualifications as a candidate and my capacity to serve all the people of Staten Island on the bench," said Crawford. "This is the third affirmation from a Bar Association stating that I have the integrity, skills and qualifications befitting a Judge of the Civil Court."

The Richmond County Bar Association 

Allyn Crawford has been rated "Approved" to be a Judge of the Civil Court after having gone through the Judicial Screening process including being interviewed and having his background and character reviewed by an independent committee.


"I am proud to have been rated "Approved" to sit as a Judge of the Civil Court by the Richmond County Bar Association," said Crawford.  "I have now been vetted and approved by two bar associations and look forward to more.   These approvals are important to voters so they can be assured that qualified candidates have the requisite skills, experience and temperament to serve the people of Staten Island on the bench." 

RCBA Approval Allyn Crawford
LBGT Bar Association of Greater NY

Allyn Crawford has been rated "Approved" to be a Judge from the Judiciary Committee of The LGBT Bar Association of Greater New York (LeGaL). Allyn provided a detailed presentation of his qualifications, trial and appellate experience, his professional history and participated in a virtual interview.


“Being rated as "Approved" is an honor,” said Crawford.  “After years of working for my clients on Staten Island, I feel I have the experience and the temperament to be a just Civil Court Judge.  The fair administration of the law is an absolute priority to me, as it is to LeGaL.  I will honor that commitment as Staten Island’s next Civil Court Judge.”

LGBT Bar Appproval Allyn Crawford


Allyn Crawford's candidacy for Civil Court Judge has been endorsed by the
New York State Court Officers Association 

"We are pleased to announce our endorsement of Allyn Crawford, candidate for Richmond County Civil Court judge.  It is clear there is only one candidate who has the experience and qualifications to be Staten Island's next Civil Court Judge, and that's Allyn Crawford.  Our members have witnessed him in court working for his clients over the years, and we know him to be fair, honest, and a good man. We are confident he will work hard to ensure Staten Islanders receive fair treatment and justice under the law, " said Dennis Quirk, President of NYSCOA. 

"The men and women who serve as Court Officers play a vital role in the Court system by maintaining security and order within our Courts while making sure that all who appear there are treated with dignity and respect," said Crawford. "When I am elected to the NYC Civil Court in Richmond County, I pledge to support their efforts and to work alongside them. They have witnessed me working for the People of Staten Island in court over the past 20 years and I am grateful for their recognition and endorsement."

Allyn Crawford's Candidacy for Civil Court Judge has been endorsed by the Amalgamated Transit Union Division 726 

"ATU Local 726 has a tradition of endorsing candidates that we believe will best represent the 2,000 employees and retirees of the New York City Transit system. Allyn Crawford’s decades long experience as a litigation attorney and as a life-long Staten Islander indicate that he will sit on the Court fairly as a judge who does not seek to legislate from the bench, but who will follow the rule of law and by doing so will rule justly, which is in the best interest of all Richmond County constituents. I am confident he will make an exemplary Civil Court Judge,” said Daniel Cassella, President of ATU Local 726.

“I’m so grateful for the ATU Local 726’s endorsement!”, said Crawford 

Allyn Crawford's candidacy for Civil Court Judge has been endorsed by the
Alliance of South Asian American Labor 

Karim Chowdhury, the National Secretary of ASAAL, said, “We have one of the best candidates in Allyn Crawford. He will represent all the people in Richmond County and will give his very best to the job he is seeking. We are lucky to have him as our endorsed candidate.”

"I am honored to have the endorsement of the Alliance of South Asian American Labor," said Crawford. "ASAAL seeks to improve economic development and employment opportunities for South Asian American workers. The work that they have done to better our community is invaluable. As a Civil Court judge, I will bring to the Court the values of fairness and justice that ASAAL and other labor organizations continue to work for every day."


People from all walks of life agree on one thing: that 

Allyn Crawford is the only choice for Civil Court Judge


"While serving as a Supreme Court Justice and as the Surrogate of Richmond County, Allyn Crawford appeared before me many times. He is knowledgeable of the law and how the Court works. He was always respectful in my courtroom, with Court personnel, with his clients and with opposing counsel. He will be an asset to Staten Island’s Judiciary."

Honorable Robert Gigante, Surrogate Court Judge & Justice of the Supreme Court State of New York, Retired 

"There is no better way to say this, as a Staten Islander you deserve only the most qualified attorney as your elected Judge. As I did in the past urging you to vote for working attorneys, Honorable Orlando Marrazzo, Jr. and Honorable Robert Helbock, I am asking you to consider voting for Allyn Crawford for Civil Court Judge."

Honorable Charles A. Kuffner, Jr., Justice of the Supreme Court State of New York, Retired

"As we get closer to this year's election, I can honestly say that Allyn is the Only person I will publicly support!"

June Tata

“Hello everyone! My dad Allyn Crawford is running for Richmond County Civil Court Judge and will be on the ballot this November! I couldn’t be more proud of him, and excited to be able to make this announcement. Hardest working guy I know and still always makes time for the fam”

Sarah Crawford

“In life you come across very few people who impress you to the point that you would do anything for them. Allyn is that guy in my life. He has been my guiding light in business, there is no other vote to make than for Allyn Crawford. There is not enough for me to say. Just vote for Allyn Crawford. When you’re not only proud to throw your support behind someone but you honestly believe this person can make things better and fairer for all. The added bonus is I am proud to call that person my decades long attorney and my friend. There is NO other choice for civil court judge. Please vote for Allyn.”

Phil Farinacci, Sr.

“100% agree – He will make a wonderful Judge”

“I have known Allyn sine about 1987. I know him from his position as a lifeguard when I was a pool manager. Now, Allyn is a well-respected, established attorney in our community. Allyn has basically been saving lives in some way from the day we first met. It is in his blood. The fact that all of my attorney friends ask Allyn for council when needed is a key element in what will make him “THE BEST” Judge. He is what I call the “lawyers, lawyer”. To me, this is a Judge. I cannot top what Kerri Bringslid and her daughters said except Allyn is so much more… he is the right man for our community and the right man for this job. No one is more qualified for this job than Allyn Crawford. Please get out and vote and put Allyn in the position he was meant for. Judge.”

"Allyn exemplifies everything a JUDGE should be and a whole lot more."

Stuart Roaker

“Good luck sir & GOD BLESS…”

Shanette Van Dyke

“Friendly reminder that the presidential election is not the only election coming up. You want real change??? Vote in all your LOCAL elections. This is where you can truly effect the power that governs you. It starts with mayors, local officials and JUDGES. I believe in fair, non-bias and accurate interpretation of the law which is why Allyn Crawford should clearly get the vote. Stop crying about a broken justice system and instead, vote to fix it.”

Angela Lucas

"Brought my ballot to Board of Elections today and my vote for Civil Court Judge went to Allyn Crawford!"

Wendy Schaub Kohnenkamp

"Best of luck to you. I will support you. 100 percent!"

Barbara Rauch

"I would like all of my Staten Island friends and family to know that I wholeheartedly endorse Allyn Crawford for Civil Court judge. Allyn is a friend, colleague and former employee of mine. Throughout the many years that I have known him, he has demonstrated integrity, exemplary legal knowledge, dedication and kindness. I am proud to support him for this position and ask all of you to please vote for him as a stellar addition to our local judiciary"

Alan Katkin, Esq.

“Could not think of a better person to sit on the bench”

Hattie Ragone 

“I have been working for Allyn Crawford for 12 years. From the moment I met Allyn we were not only co-workers but we became great friends. His hard work and determination made his business what it is today. His humor, his work ethic, his love for people and his dynamic personality has made Allyn one of the greatest people I know. He is a working machine, he works hard and I’ve never known him to fail. I can genuinely say that this man is who we need for Civil Court Judge. I do not consider him my boss, but more like family. Vote for Allyn Crawford, my boss and my friend.

Love you Allyn! I couldn’t think of a single person who deserves this chance more than you.”
Dana Ficarra Saba

"Allyn Crawford best man for Civil Court Judge. Honest, intelligent, hardworking, personable and always willing to help.  He is full of wisdom and his over 25 years of legal experience will guarantee his success as Staten Island’s next Civil Court Judge. Vote for my son-in-law Allyn Crawford."

Flavia Durso

“Allyn, all New Yorkers thank Grandpa Gus for his service and fearlessness. That copter looks like an erector set. I am 100% confident you will carry forward his leadership.”

Matt Merson

"Law. Not Politics. I have known Allyn Crawford for 23 years as an Attorney, Scout Leader, sports coach, husband, father and good friend. As Civil Court Judge, Allyn will apply his extensive knowledge of the law to every case that comes before him.

Please join me to vote for the most qualified candidate to sit on the bench and vote for Allyn Crawford for Civil Court Judge."

Ruth Evensen Saliski

“You have my vote!”

Robin Lefkowitz

"Best wishes for success on your judicial candidacy. There is no doubt that you will be a conscientious and thoughtful judge serving the people  by serving the law!"

"Over the years, Allyn has been a professional adversary and a co-counsel in various matters in which I have been involved in both NY and NJ. He is a consummate professional and an attorney with great integrity. There is no doubt that he will be a tremendous asset to the bench. I endorse him without reservation!"

Jeffrey Donner, Esq.

“Staten Islanders have big decisions to make in November. One easy decision is voting for Allyn Crawford for Civil Court. He will bring to the bench decades of legal experience helping out countless Staten Islanders and businesses. He has all the hallmarks of an excellent judge: intelligence, judicial temperament, ethical, integrity and strong character. This is why Brian and I are voting for him.”

Andrew S. Miller

“You are the best Allyn and a good friend.”

 Eve Newman, Esq. 

“I would be very proud to back and support Mr. Crawford. He is the best man for the job. I’ve had him as my attorney for years and I have the utmost respect for him!”

Alanna Capponi

"I’ve heard good things about Allyn from friends and attorneys; those good things include a high degree of integrity, much decency and caring and insightful."

Barney Agate

“I am delighted to endorse Allyn J. Crawford for the Richmond County Civil Court’s Judicial Seat. I was fortunate to previously be employed as one of Allyn’s paralegals.  He consistently exhibited a strong sense of ethics and objectivity in his interactions with clients, fellow attorneys and his staff.  For me, what set Allyn apart from others was the fact that when one spoke with Allyn, he truly heard what you were saying, with both patience and objectivity.  After only a short time in his employ, it was abundantly clear to me that he was a highly respected, well thought of member of the legal community, and well-known for his superior knowledge and expertise.

When I think of the qualities that I believe befit a member of the judiciary, a keen legal mind, fairness, kindness, and respect immediately come to mind.  These are but a few of the words that I would use to describe Allyn Crawford.”

Brenda A. Singer, Paralegal

“I am so impressed by your ambitious nature and moving further in your career! You are an incredible person who has faced and over come an illness that would dishearten many. I couldn’t be more excited for you in this endeavor, which I hear is something you have always wanted to accomplish! I know that you will achieve this next goal in your life and know that the Bove family is supporting you from afar. Continued success and blessings”

Teri, Mario, Brianna, Mario and Michael

“Allyn has been an upstanding citizen and has had a positive impact in my community as Troop 2 Scout Chairman. I would gladly support him.”

Lou Hernandez

“I am happy to lend my support and fully endorse my friend Allyn Crawford for Civil Court Judge. I know Allyn for over 30 years, and you could not find a more compassionate, honest, trustworthy and high character person. His intellect, legal knowledge and sense of fairness will make him an exceptional addition the bench in any jurisdiction. Regardless of your political affiliation, if you are a Staten Island resident please get to know Allyn and get to the polls in November to vote. We will all be lucky to have him- Thank you. Allyn Crawford for Civil Court Judge.”

Lew Silverman, Esq. & Larry Cohen, Esq.

“Allyn has ALWAYS gone above and beyond as an attorney. I am so personally thankful for all he has done for me and my family. The next chapter for him as a Judge makes perfect sense. You do not and cannot find dedication like his with many people.”

Maureen Hershewe

“Vote Allyn to the Court. It’s the smart thing to do!”

Al Risi

"Please support Allyn Crawford! I know him personally and support him fully!!"

 Diane Driscoll Fabozzi

“I first met Allyn Crawford when I was a high school freshman. He and my sister, Maria Codd-Perez, worked together at #Kresges and I’d hang around the store because I had nothing better to do. Looking back, I see an awkward 14-year old trying to impress a super cool upper-classman with good hair, and a super cool upper-classman listening to her and encouraging her to be herself. Because that is the kind of guy Allyn is.

We’ve kept up over the years. We’d run into each other on the ferry when Al was working, in law school, and raising his first child. I’m sure he would rather have been napping or studying, but he always had time to listen to whatever drama I had going on. More recently, when I started practicing law in New York and knew next to nothing about the court system. Al happily took my calls and answered my questions.

Allyn Crawford is smart, diligent, and will do right by you, Staten Island. He will listen and not prejudge. I cannot think of a better person to take the bench.

Please vote Allyn Crawford for Civil Court Judge on November 3. Or, if you’re a Staten Island ex-pat like me, encourage your people to vote for Al.”

Frances Codd Slusarz

“You have my vote Allyn. I know you would make a fantastic Civil Court Judge. You’ll always be a winner”

"You definitely have my vote. You have always been wonderful, hardworking, kind and a fantastic lawyer.”

Rosalyn Grace Jospey

"I will vote for Allyn Crawford in November the most qualified Candidate for the position of NYC Civil Court Judge”

“Allyn is super qualified! Vote Allyn Crawford the wise choice!​"

Sari Kingsley

“We need experienced attorneys, not politicians, vote for Allyn Crawford!”

Michael Heitman, Esq.

“Allyn handled a personal legal matter of mine several years ago… something I will never forget… he would make an exemplary Judge!”

Niel Visoky, Esq. 

“This man has a heart of gold. Having known Allyn on both a personal and professional level, I can honestly say he is as true as they come. Childhood friend to my father who has always been there with open arms, heart and a smile to match. Then had the privilege to assit Allyn in the beginning stages of his law firm. Where he showed compassion for the work he loves. He truly puts his heart and soul into all that he does for his family, friends and community. Voting Allyn Crawford for Civil Court Judge would be doing a great justice to the boro of Staten Island.
If you're living in Staten Island and can vote... Vote Allyn Crawford!”

Jody Heavey

“I can confirm that Allyn Crawford is one of the hardest working and most dedicated men I have known.”

James Lola

“Over the last 20+ years, I have gotten to know Allyn in many capacities. From lawyer and adversary, to colleagues and friends on the RCBA. He is an accomplished attorney.  He is knowledgeable, courteous and just a real good person. Having his own law practice, he knows the day to day struggles of a practicing attorney. For all these reasons, we would be lucky to have him serve SI from the bench. It is an honor to call Allyn my friend. Cote for Allyn come November!!!”

Chris Fitzpatrick, Esq.

“To all my friends and family in Staten island, my long-time friend and colleague Allyn Crawford is running for civil court judge in Staten Island. You won’t find a more tempered, fair, intelligent, empathetic, and dedicated candidate than Allyn Crawford. He’s a true Staten Islander in every sense of the word. Please visit Allyn’s website to learn more about him and be sure to vote for him – most importantly!”

Michael Zapin, Esq.

“I have known Allyn just about my whole life, but that has nothing to do with why I am sharing this. I simply cannot think of anyone better qualified to be a judge. Yes, he is smart and yes he is knowledgeable, but what makes him so perfect for the job is that he listens, and is willing to modify his position based on facts and circumstances rather than trying to modify facts and circumstances to fit his position. The world needs more people like him.

So I am almost 52 years old, and have never put a sign for a candidate on my front lawn. I support Allyn Crawford so strongly, because I know him so well. He is better at listening, compromise, and making difficult decisions after carefully weighing facts than most anyone I've ever met.

He is honest, thoughtful and deliberate. He has been good at settling disagreements since we were little kids.”

Philip Ficara

“I agree wholeheartedly with Philip. Right man for the job. Best of luck Allyn!”

Frank Barbarino 

“Hey #statenislanders – you are lucky to have the chance to #vote Allyn Crawford into office.”

Dr. Allyson Ocean

“Thrilled to see you running for Civil Court Judge. You will definitely make Staten Island proud!”

Lauren Shaffer, LCSW

“To all of my Staten Island family and friends, my cousin Allyn Crawford is running for Staten Island Civil Court Judge. Please visit Allyn Crawford’s website to learn about him and most importantly vote for him on election day.”

Nancy Ann Zerega

“Staten Island friends, my longtime friend and professional colleague, Allyn Crawford, is running for Civil Court Judge this Election Day. I know Allyn personally for over 20 years, as a co-worker, friend, and as my personal attorney, so I truly know him well. I have seen how he works, I know personally how he cares about his clients because I am one of them, and I know the incredible person and friend he is. He’s the only attorney I felt I could implicitly trust and retain for my own personal legal matters, that’s how excellent he is. He truly delivered as my counsel, fighting for me in an especially nasty and emotional litigation battle, and now my family considered him to be extended family and lovingly refer to him as hour “Consiglieri”. He’s seriously qualified and experienced and would make one of the best judges in Richmond County as in all of NYS as well. Please cast your vote for him; we really do need someone this exceptional on the bench.”

Chris Maclen Harstar

“Allyn Crawford is a dear friend of ours. He has been involved with the Boy Scouts of Troop 2 for many years. He will serve our community well. Please visit his website and decide for yourself. Allyn Crawford for Civil Court Judge.”

Victoria Bencivenga

“Allyn is one of the most caring and fair-minded people I have ever met. My boys were scouts is Troop 2 and lucky enough to have Allyn as a leader giving them guidance during their time as scouts.”

Jennifer Maloy McGurk

"I’ve worked with Allyn for the last 6 years, he is a great mentor to our youth because he lives by the Scout Law. And now he is taking his experience and integrity to our courts. On November 3rd don’t forget to fill out your entire ballot and vote for Allyn Crawford for Civil Court Judge."

Monica Rodriguez-Aguilera

"It is an honor to help your campaign. I will continue to phonebank as you are a great candidate."

Jasi Robinson

“Happy Father’s Day! You’re also a great role model for your boys at Troop 2!”

Kim Keming Peters


“You are a class act in every sense of the word! Best of luck my friend!”

Mark C. Healey – Gotham Baseball: New York’s - All Time Team

“Well deserved, counselor.”

Brian Moskowitz, Esq.

“It’s great seeing a judicial candidate that has such extensive legal experience + who also knows what it means to help his community and support his employees. So glad to see you running.”

Charles Internicola, Esq.

"Allyn Crawford is a kind man with a generous heart. He’s a man of his word, which is seldom found these days. I’ve worked with Allyn for approximately 5 years now and can say with 100% certainty that he is a consummate professional, a great friend and he will make a great Civil Court Judge."

John Anthony

“This is the kind of guy that is needed on the bench. Share this post with others and spread the word. Regardless of your political affiliation, a vote for Crawford is the right move!”

“A vote for Crawford is sensible regardless of your party affiliation. Civil Court Judge elections truly hinge on a candidate’s abilities, knowledge and professionalism. There is no doubt that Allyn is prepared to take careful time and attention required to help bring civil matters to a fair conclusion. Allyn also recognizes that politics have no place on the bench, it’s why voters across party lines can feel secure in supporting him. These are unique and exceptional characteristics of Allyn’s campaign, please let others know.”

Tom Lynch

“Staten Islanders... take note when you go to vote, this is the guy you want to vote in! Promise!!“
Elizabeth Diver Matera

“Proud to support Allyn Crawford for Civil Court Richmond County. He is the COMPLETE PACKAGE: Brains, Charm, Compassion and one of the Hardest Working Members of the Bar I have had the pleasure to work with.

If anyone has any questions about how qualified for the job he is, message me or call me. Besides working together when we were young, Allyn has held my hand though the purchase of my home, helped with mom’s estate plan, and held my hand again when she passed. Terrific candidate!— I will repost again to remind you when we get near Election Day.”

Joelle Tantalo Jensen, Esq.

“We are very proud of Allyn and all that he has done and stood for in his life and his career. We are blessed to have you in our lives, too.”

Maryanna Crawford

“Wouldn't find a better candidate! I know you a long time and you will be perfect! Very proud of you!”

Kelly Peluso-Wren 

“My name is Jenna and I support Allyn Crawford for Civil Court Judge!”

Jenna Levendosky

“My name is Chris Wierl and I support Allyn Crawford for Civil Court Judge!”

Chris Wierl


"I would like all of my Staten Island friends and family to know that I wholeheartedly endorse Allyn Crawford for Civil Court judge. Allyn is a friend, colleague and former employee of mine. Throughout the many years that I have known him, he has demonstrated integrity, exemplary legal knowledge, dedication and kindness. I am proud to support him for this position and ask all of you to please vote for him as a stellar addition to our local judiciary."

Alan Katkin, Esq. 

“Love the family pictures. In order to be truly successful, the family needs to be behind you. The ultimate team is under your own roof. Best of luck, hope you’re doing well.”

Wayne Wildrick


“I'll be spending a good deal of energy btwn now & November amplifying Allyn Crawford as a judicial candidate. Join me in following him in his journey and helping get him into this TEN YEAR post. Local elections matter so much!”

Natalie DeVito

“Allyn, congratulations!”

Farooq Sultan

“I have had the privilege for working for Allyn as his legal assistant for approximately two years.  Allyn has always shown extraordinary personal interest to his clients as well as his colleagues and staff.  Allyn has shown diligence, intelligence, humility along with professionalism.   Allyn has a great sense of humor and is very self-disciplined.  He has a keen legal mind and has demonstrated that time and time again in dealing with complicated legal issues and has applied the law appropriately.  Allyn is a “straight shooter” in my opinion as well as being fair and balanced when dealing with his clients.  Allyn does not let obstacles get in the way of helping his clients succeed. 

I have learned a great deal of experience while working at his firm on a professional and personal level, always acknowledging there is a solution to every problem.  Also, hard work will bring rewarding results.  Allyn has shown and proven himself to be successful in that regard.   Additionally, Allyn is always dedicated to his family and highly dedicated to his community. 

Allyn Crawford has all of the credentials, experience and wisdom to become a fine Civil Court Judge.”

Joy Speights

“Good luck. I know you will make a fair and knowledgeable Judge who will always make decisions with complete integrity.”

Pat Corbo, Esq. 

“I am very happy for you and if there anything I can do to support you, please let me know…congratulations and best of luck.”

David Meth, Esq.

“Congratulations Allyn!!! Upstanding man!!! Truly is”

Aida Liu

"Good luck! I am pulling for you!"

Jay Itkowitz,  Esq.


“To all Staten Islanders. Vote for Allyn Crawford a fair and firm lawyer for many years in Staten Island. Running for Civil Court Judge. Meet him once you will feel you know him for ever wonderful Compassionate man.”

Elliot Reyes

“Spot on! Allyn is fair, hardworking, and his character as a leader is truly remarkable!"

"Hardest working guy I know”

Terri Durso

"You always answer my calls Allyn!”

Christopher Marzo

“Congratulations Allyn. That is fantastic.”

Donna McDougall

“I worked with you years ago – hardworking honest & compassionate man. I hope you have had the opportunity to serve as a Civil Court Judge you will be a true asset to the Court System!!! Wishing you all the best.”

Diane Krieger

“My name is David Nisan and I support Allyn Crawford for Civil Court Judge!”

David Nisan

“Intelligence, integrity and diligence. Richmond County is lucky to have Allyn Crawford as a candidate for the bench.”

Richard Noll, Esq.

“Staten Island set your reminders to get out and vote for Allyn on November 3rd. Staten Islanders need his intellect and voice of reason on the bench!!”

“Allyn is the definition of leadership, integrity and hard work that we strongly need on the bench. Make plans to vote for Allyn on November 3rd!!”

Larry Cohen, Esq.

“As a leader in the Independence Party, I feel that it is important to support candidates that represent all Staten Islanders, regardless of party. Allyn is that candidate and is someone who will represent all of us fairly and without prejudice. He has the experience, humility and integrity that we need on the bench, and I enthusiastically endorse his candidacy for Civil Court Judge.”

Avi Gvili, Chairman Staten Island Independence Party

“We have one candidate who is superbly qualified and one who isn’t. The superbly qualified candidate is Allyn Crawford, and I am encouraging you to vote for Allyn as Staten Island’s next Civil Court Judge.”

James P. Molinaro, Former Borough President of Staten Island

“Dear Staten Island Friends! Allyn Crawford is one of my oldest and dearest friends… He is honorable, just, intelligent, and wise! His decision to serve Staten Island is great news for Staten Island!”

Pastor Eric Olaf Olsen

"Anyone who knows anything about Allyn Crawford will not be surprised by this. People across the political spectrum and most anyone who has been involved with him professionally knows he would be extremely effective and fair as a Judge… Allyn is the qualified choice."

Philip Ficara

“I have known Allyn since 1992 when he married my niece Laurie.  A wonderful person and someone who surely is qualified to become Richmond County's Civil Court Judge.  When you vote think wise, think smart, think Allyn!

I am praying and rooting for him.”

Sister Rosalia Vadala, Order of Saint Francis

"Get out and vote. The choice is clear."

Brian Carchedi

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